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We design and facilitate strategic events, meetings, and retreats that disrupt corporate muscle memory.

Gathering is an art form – it's a gift for your people, an investment in your organization's future, and a deposit in your culture bank. It requires a careful balance of meticulous planning that leaves room for the unexpected when beautiful things start to happen.

Our immersive events help leaders and their teams find clarity and solve problems, grounding strategic work with time in nature, movement, and interaction.

Shannon prepares food with event attendees as part of a team-building activity

Welcome, I'm Shannon.

I'll be your event engineer on this adventure.

I believe that gatherings are not just events; they are transformational experiences. I've witnessed firsthand how people's potential blooms when given the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and share unique experiences. My mission is to bring your vision to life, creating an atmosphere where your culture thrives, relationships deepen, and memories are etched into the fabric of your company's narrative.

Gathering is transformational.

Having spent 31 years as a flight attendant, I learned the art of poise, composure, and professionalism, skills that seamlessly transition into the world of event engineering. Co-founding and running a catering company for five years refined my eye for detail and honed my ability to navigate gracefully through high-pressure scenarios. Additionally, my tenure in running a dance school for high school girls not only imparted lessons in dedication and humility but also provided insights into orchestrating harmony within diverse groups.

I have big dreams for your gathering. But first, let's hear yours.

An image of Shannon Wagner in smart business attire leaning on a corporate building

Gathering is an investment in your culture.


of employees shared that they've had their most creative ideas on company or executive retreats.


of leaders say their teams are growing lonelier while working remotely – and lonely workers are 7x less engaged.


of job applicants said a good workplace culture is more important than salary.

I like to reverse engineer a gathering, to ask what you want to be different – how you want your team to leave changed – working backward from there to create a space and energy that makes your goals inevitable.

“Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur [and leader].”

David Cummings