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Bespoke experiences artfully engineered to connect people, place, and purpose.

Nurture your organization's culture with:

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Corporate events

Purposeful gatherings offer structured opportunities for playing, connecting, and strategic communication.

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Leadership team meetings

Innovate, collaborate, and enjoy the gift of a clearer view – one without screens in the way.

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Retreats & off-sites

Put up your out-of-office and watch real trust take root by adventuring, learning, thinking, and looking ahead together.

My 6 tips for any leader planning an event:

  1. Have a goal.
    Identify your hopes and vision for the event and treat these as an intention. Stay committed and focused.

  2. Unplug.
    Your presence is the most valuable thing you can give to your team. Emails can wait (I promise).

  3. Listen.
    Look for new perspectives and actively encourage engagement, especially from team members you may not usually hear from. Ask more questions than you answer.

  4. Build in time away from the meeting. 
    Encourage breaks and prioritize giving individuals the time and freedom to step away, allowing for a natural flow of time and even the opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors. Corporate events, though focused on productivity, can only truly foster creativity when participants are afforded the space to recharge.

  5. Don’t try to solve everything.
    Stay focused, and make gathering together a persistent part of your culture. Have a plan for keeping the conversation going and accountability when you head back to the office.

  6. Trust someone else with the details.
    Your team needs you to be present, engaged, and accessible. Gatherings and retreats are for you, too!


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Site selection

We'll work together to find a site that offers the space you need to spark innovation, connection, and creativity.

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Food & beverage

Seamless food service is an essential for any gathering. We'll handle all the details of your catering, dining, and snacking experiences.

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Speaker booking

We can vet a list of on-theme speakers and external facilitators who will create electricity (and vulnerability) in the room.

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Photography & videography

How you gather tells a story about your culture, and having beautiful content will help your organization communicate that culture internally and externally.

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What do you want to be different after the event? How do you want your team to be changed? We'll reverse-engineer your event itinerary to meet your goals.

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On-site management

Our team will be fully available throughout the entire event to coordinate, oversee, and direct participants so everything stays on pace.



At SWag-Solutions, our mission is to create opportunities that foster meaningful connections and build strong, vibrant communities. We believe in the transformative power of bringing people together, and we are committed to cultivating an environment where individuals can connect, collaborate, and thrive. By leveraging creativity and innovation, we strive to design programs and initiatives that promote inclusive dialogue and mutual understanding. 

Nurturing connections is at the heart of our efforts to empower individuals and groups to contribute positively to society. Through the joy of shared experiences and the spirit of togetherness, we aim to create a world where every person has the opportunity to be part of a supportive and united community, enabling them to achieve their fullest potential.

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“personalized approach”

Shannon is a secret weapon. Her attention to detail, personalized approach, and gregarious demeanor is world-class. Work with Shannon if you can!

Bart Foster

Managing Director

“bespoke experiences that resonate deeply”

As the CEO of a dynamic organization, finding a partner who understands our unique needs for client retreats and events is crucial. That's where Shannon Wagner of SWag truly shines. Shannon has an exceptional talent for creating bespoke experiences that resonate deeply with everyone who attends. Her meticulous planning, creative vision, and attention to detail have consistently resulted in retreats and events that are not just successful, but transformative.

Each event curated by Shannon is a journey of elevation and empowerment. Her ability to blend professional objectives with engaging, meaningful and creative activities is unparalleled. Our clients and our team leave every event feeling rejuvenated and inspired, with a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

What sets Shannon apart is her personal investment in understanding our goals and objectives of each event. She has become an invaluable extension of our team, aligning each event with our core values and vision. Her dedication, passion, and expertise are evident in every interaction and every meticulously planned detail.

Working with Shannon and SWag has been a game-changer for our organization. She has elevated our retreats and events to a level that not only meets but exceeds our expectations, leaving a lasting impact. We are grateful for her partnership and look forward to many more successful events together.

Hilary DeCesare

Intl. Business Coach & Transformational Expert | CEO


We have used Shannon in various high-level company client meetings and she creates an amazing environment that makes senior executives and leaders feel embraced, appreciated, and cared for. You can always trust that Shannon will get the job done in superstar status!

Scott Cochrane

Growth Acceleration Advisor

“no-brainer value-add”

After our first experience collaborating with Shannon, she became a no-brainer value-add for future events. Her reliability, level of care toward the end experience, and bright "make it happen" attitude (along with undeniable performance) have significantly boosted our capability.

Riley Ferrero

Lead Implementor

“still talking about it”

Shannon's professionalism and thoughtful care for creating outstanding and unique event experiences is unmatched. She has an incredible ability to understand the vision of the event and translate that to every minute of the attendees' experience. Shannon spearheaded our most recent retreat and almost a year later, the ladies are still talking about the level of care, support, and connection they felt. If you're looking for next-level experiences, I can't recommend her services enough!

Amber Morgan

VP of Marketing

Behind every event is a whole team of talent.

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Tell me about your perfect gathering: